How Btwixt Works?

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Prior to using Btwixt, you must first log in to our website. You will not be able to view/use all of the features we have to offer unless you do so.

Step 1
Shop For Your Goods

pPlace your order online as you would any other time. Upon checkout, have your package shipped to Btwixt as follows: First name: Btwixt Last Name: (Attn. Your Name) Address: 14286 Beach Blvd. Ste Jacksonville, FL 32250.

Step 2
Shop For Your Goods

After your goods have been shipped by the supplier, you should receive a tracking number for your shipment. When you do, go to "Coming Your Way" and submit the form. This form will notify Btwixt to be on the lookout for your package. If you don't receive a tracking number within a couple days, type "GHOST PACKAGE" into the tracking number field. AMAZON CUSTOMERS - Please submit this form using your Order number. This number is given to you at the time of purchase.

Step 3
Schedule Delivery

Btwixt has just received your package. You will be notified via email with instructions on how to schedule your delivery. Schedule based upon a date & time that works best for you. Payment will be required upon scheduling.

Step 4
Secure Delivery

The time has come. Your package will be delivered on your chosen date and time. When your package has left our facility, you will receive an email with the driver and tracking information. All deliveries will require a signature from an approved recipient. Be on the lookout as you will receive a code word via text shortly before your package is on the way. You will be required to repeat the code word to receive your package from our driver.

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