Our Pricing

Our Btwixt Delivery service specializes in personal convenience and security. At Btwixt, we understand the realistic problems hard working citizens may run into on a day to day basis. We don't live in a perfect world but, Btwixt can help make it more convenient and secure. See below for the personal services Btwixt Delivery can offer you.

Your Time Delivery

Saving packages one delivery at a time! Your Time Delivery is the ultimate add-on to securing your online purchases. We understand the struggles of sitting at work and worrying if your package is going to be left on your porch all day for the taking or even receiving that dreaded "we missed you" notice. We have eliminated those issues. Just ship your order to Btwixt and we will secure your goods and deliver them to you on YOUR TIME. Have your package shipped to the following address: Name: Btwixt (Attn. "Your Name") Address: 14286 Beach Blvd Ste. 19-238 Jacksonville, FL 32250



Per Delivery & First Package


Per Additional Package

Service Details

  • Package delivery on YOUR TIME
  • SMS Notifications
  • ETA Delivery Tracking (emailed)
  • Stress Free & Secure Delivery


  • Large Packages (must be able to fit in any sized vehicle.)
  • Prohibited items. (Weapons, Illegal substances, etc.)
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